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What is severe asthma?

Asthma which requires the use of high dose inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) plus a second controller (and/or systemic corticosteroids) to prevent it from becoming ‘uncontrolled’ or which remains ‘uncontrolled’ despite this therapy. 1 (International European Respiratory Society [ERS] and American Thoracic Society [ATS] Task Force.)



Patients with refractory disease either remain uncontrolled despite their treatment being optimised or require high doses of controller and reliever medication to maintain control. 2



The eosinophilic asthma phenotype has been shown to be associated with asthma severity, late-onset disease and steroid refractoriness. 4



By characterising a patient’s severe asthma phenotype, they can be treated differently with personalised and targeted therapies, and outcomes could be improved. 4

Nucala is an anti-IL-5 treatment that specifically targets the eosinophilic phenotype. 5

Prevalence and burden

Prevalence and burden

Severe asthma patients are at high risk of having a severe exacerbation and are often dependent on oral corticosteroids. 4

These patients account for 50% of healthcare resource utilisation and have few therapeutic options available. 2,4

Nucala is an anti-IL-5 treatment that specifically targets the eosinophilic phenotype.


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